The continuing demand for serviced offices

Business Services

The service office market saw successive expansion for the last two years in Hong Kong. The expansion is not causing oversupply, in fact, it is viewed a healthy growth. The growth of the service office market is something that Hong Kong can sustain as it is considered a regional business hub in East Asia.

The growth of serviced is office is mainly due to the convenience it brings to business people, especially when it comes to saving both time and money. By joining a larger service office chain they no longer gave to contract and fit in an office space. Also, a service office allows these business people to work anywhere, which is advantageous especially for overseas work and meetings.

The flexibility and convenience that a service office offers will help it progress for the coming years. The traditional office market might be the one that might come under pressure because they will always revert to being conventional.

Due to the increasing competition among serviced offices, making it client centered is a strategy which can help maintain the company’s position in an ever-growing market. If the client is the center of all services, everything will flow smoothly.

Also, service is important employing staff. Although training is helpful to some extent, source industries for the right people are industries which are customer-facing and the right person for the position have a service-oriented attitude.

A serviced office is not a “one size fits all” thing nor is it like hotel management. It is a life-cycle type of client management. It creates long term relationship centered on the client’s best interest.  Thus training is at the core to help staff develop the ability to respond in the best way possible to individual requests. Thus, a successful service office is one with satisfied clients and motivated staff.